There is nothing more empowering,

than knowing you are living what you were sent here on this earth to do.

Let us help you find the fulfillment you yearn for.

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Empowering Lower Lights

Many people yearn to find fulfillment and purpose in their lives, finding gimics, not lasting solutions. Maybe you caught a glimpse of that purpose and now it feels muddled. We help you find your purpose and give you the tools you need to fulfill your purpose. We provide individual mentoring sessions and courses on our website. You will leave this site finding renewed purpose, joy, and enlightenment in performing your mission in life.

At Empowering Lower Lights we want to help everyone who sees the darkness in the world and still want to be a force for good. We want to help those who know they have a purpose, but aren't sure how to dial it in or who know their purpose, but got lost on the way there.

There is nothing more empowering than knowing you are living what you were sent here on this earth to do. Come join us and become an empowered lower light, lighting the way for others as they seek to leave the darkness for the light.

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Mentoring Packages

Discovering and Loving You


Is a six week group mentoring package. We will meet twice a month and learn techniques of healing and self discovery to offer you clarity as you are seeking for a new life.

Onward and Upward


Is a six appointment mentoring package, this package is very much focused on helping you work through obstacles and getting out of holes along the way to a goal that you have already determined. (If you would prefer to do fewer appointments, the first three are $150)

How to Heal


Is a 12 appointment mentoring package. In this package I help you improve your relationship with yourself so that you can find out who it is that you are truly meant to be. This mentoring is for those who are on a journey of healing and seeking direction. I teach you a routine that will help you emotionally and mentally heal and stay healthy.

You and Your Best Self


Is a 12 appointment package. In this package I help you embrace the potential you hope/believe you have and truly step into your power and your purpose. I teach you techniques and a routine that help you keep moving forward as you set and reach goals. This is meant to help you fully enter into your mission on this earth.


This is a woman that you want at the front, leading the fray. She is not afraid of darkness. It's not that she likes it; sh just knows that darkness is a ruse. It's a fake and Alison knows how to overcome that faking. Alison knows how to overcome fear. I often feel that Alison could make everything in the world better just by snapping her fingers, but she doesn't because she knows the value of working for change. She relishes helping you through that change.

-- Stephine Ollerton

Alison is an AMAZING mentor! She's helped me face-and gave me tools to overcome-issues I'd been avoiding and hiding from in order to help me achieve my goal...Time spent working with Alison is valuable!

-- Adrianne

Having encountered a multitude of professionals with varying personalities across academia and politics, I can confidently and unreservedly say that Alison's professionalism, warmness of character, and competency are unparalleled. Her admirable qualities make her a successful life coach, dedicated to addressing the distinct needs of her friends, colleagues, and clients with empathy, patience, and encouragement.

-- Lindsay Ozburn

Alison is an amazing, powerful, and in-tune woman and I highly recommend her as a mentor, friend, and support in your journey to elevate your life and take it to the next level.

-- Jeremy Swensen