Supporting a Spouse with Depression You Being There Does Make a Difference

03 January 2020

You wonder where he is at on a scale from sad to despair to suicide ideation to actual something will happen. You try not to think about it too much because you’ve heard this talk before and nothing happened then, but you realize a lot can happen in a day when you’re at work and you don’t know about the close calls in the past. And you don’t know how serious it really is and how much the days of silence, the flinching when you try to touch him, and your mono has drained you and made tonight seem more intimidating than maybe it really is. In observing the signs you don’t think it’s “that bad”but a part of you still wonders about “what if.”

Not Regretting Our Choices Doesn't Always Mean We Accept Our Present

29 November 2019

Sometimes I feel like a spoiled brat, I dread the holidays because when I was little I loved being with family, I loved gathering with family, sharing stories, traditions, seeing the glow of the Christmas tree, smelling the turkey and dressing cooking in the oven, and being surrounded by family, playing card games and catching up, and now that isn’t my reality and in my head I complain about it.

I dread the holidays because it is a tug’o’war between putting my desires to be with my family up against supporting my spouse who himself dreads the holidays.

What I Wish Someone Would Have Said about the Loneliness of a Spouse with Depression

02 November 2019

What I wish someone would have told me after my husband almost committed suicide

11 October 2019

Maybe you are afraid to tell anyone what just happened in your life. Maybe your mind hasn’t quite grasped what just happened, even though your heart aches. Or maybe you feel like you didn’t handle it very well. Or maybe you did share and you wish it went a little differently. Whatever the case, I hope these words might be a help to you, that you might know somewhere out there someone is saying these words to you now. You are known and whatever happened this time or what happens next or never happens again, now this someone has shared these words with you.

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