You Are Not Alone, You Are Not Stuck Forever

I struggled telling people about my husband, for those who had some experience or familiarity with depression they told me what I should have him do. For those who weren't familiar they got a scared look in their eye.

In this call I won't tell you what you should have him do.

And I won't be scared because I live it.

What I will do is listen to you, give you space to feel and work through emotion, and when you are ready give you ideas that you can do.


  • Knowledge you have support/you are not alone
  • Space to process and work through tough/painful emotions
  • Actions steps you take for yourself to help you have hope, peace, and gratitude back in your life.

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I have absolutely loved meeting with Alison! After a few sessions, I had more confidence in myself, and in my ability to handle life's situations. It feels so good to have relationships healed.

I didn't know how to let go of negative emotions that come up from everyday relationships with friends and acquaintances, or even in my marriage.

If I think I have an issue between me and my husband, I now know techniques to help me process my thoughts and feelings and sometimes the issue is solved before I even bring it up! And when things do need to be talked about, I know how to communicate in a positive way.

The techniques are so simple but they even helped me at home, with cleaning the dishes, which I just couldn't seem to ever get done. After talking with Alison, almost overnight, the kids started being helpful and we now work together to have a clean home. I feel so blessed and can't say enough good about Alison! Thank you!

Becky B.

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